All Principals want to see their sales agents succeed. Whether you’re challenging yourself by becoming a first time independent sales agent or you are an experienced sales agent, all agents need to be supported and motivated by the principal to ensure continuous success. In this post we detail what you should expect from opportunities given to you.


Principals must train the agent on the products or services that the company supplies. The question of covering agents costs whether it be for travelling or accommodation while on this training should be agreed prior to the commencement of the agent.

Induction periods

An induction period is a great way for agents and principals to understand the strengths and any weaknesses in the relationship. If the principal can make someone available to travel with the agent to make initial sales presentations this will give the agent time to understand and get a feel for the sort of questions that customers ask, what problems can arise, what sorts of things to look for, what the sales cycle looks like, and so on.

Support system

When agents bring in quotation requests, the principal needs to turn them around as soon as possible! Likewise, if there are problems in the field, principals should offer support to the agent as well as their customers. Agents hate losing commission because “head office screwed up”!

Supplying the sales agent with a customer or a user list of their lines or services within the agent’s territory is a great way to help the agent build a customer base, as well as to understand the market for the principal’s products. This can also greatly assist the principal, as it can open up previously unseen sales opportunities through cross-selling or activating dormant accounts.


Websites are the shop window that customers, both B2B and B2C turn to, often before they make contact with a supplier. An up to date well designed website creates an initial impression that has a huge influence on how a customer follows up on an enquiry.

Contact details and enquiry forms are an essential part of this process and need to be easily accessed and navigated.

Promotional materials

These are an essential part of the agent’s armoury and principals need to supply agents with adequate materials such as:

  • Brochures
  • Samples
  • Catalogues

Pay on time

Last but certainly not least – Pay your Sales Agents what they are due and on time – nothing destroys a relationship quicker than not being paid on time or disagreements on what is due.

Encourage continued learning

Starting your salespeople off on the right foot with comprehensive sales training ensures you avoid many common problems.

Inspire your team

Successful managers will understand the importance of inspiring their team and use inspiration as one of their top sales team management strategies to motivate their team.. They do so by helping each salesperson see how successful they can become, and motivating them to maximize their potential

Good company culture

Strong company culture has always been important. Ways to improve your company culture and provide your employees with some key things, including:

  • Flexibility. This can be in scheduling, in the location they work from or the way their office is set up
  • Professional development. People are looking at how to advance in their careers, and want positions at companies that will help them develop and grow
  • Reputation. Reputation is important not only within your industry, but also when it comes to being a socially responsible and fun company to work for

Other strategies may include:

  • Creating a positive physical and social environment
  • Celebrating employee achievements
  • Showing appreciation for salespeople on a regular basis
  • Organising events to keep salespeople engaged and excited about coming to work

Give detailed feedback

In order to create a culture that promotes growth and success, you need to give feedback to your sales agents. It is important that you not only provide feedback about what your employees are doing right, but also the areas in which they could improve

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