World Leader in Indoor Air Filtration, Disinfection and Monitoring Seeking Sales Agents

Sales Agents wanted

Aura Air is the first Filtration/Purification/Monitoring system in the world to have completed efficacy tests in July 2020, specifically related to its ability to reduce the levels of COVID-19 Coronavirus carried in the air by aerosol droplets emitted from infected people when breathing.

Aura Air uses a traditional Filter to trap the airborne virus in conjunction with three technologies, two of which are patented, to destroy the virus - the patented Copper impregnated RAY Filter, the patented Sterionizer and finally traditional UV-C light. You can get full details of the product and the test white paper on our website at or our new, more expansive web site 

Aura Air is a compact but powerful "all-in-one" - air filtration, disinfection and air quality monitoring unit - measuring just 37.5 x 37.5 x 15cm, which can be wall, desk or ceiling mounted and is powered by a standard mains socket.

As the UK Distributor for Aura Air we are seeking Sales Agents throughout the UK and Ireland who can promote the product into businesses across almost all market sectors. The potential sales for the product are huge and whether you view this as a main product line or an addition to a current portfolio the prospective earnings are highly significant.

The manufacturer is just three years old and already floated on the Stock Exchange. Having sold almost 1,000 units in the past couple of months in the UK alone, we are seeking sales agents to sell to private schools, banks, professional institutes, restaurants, hairdressers, salons and spas – the list is almost endless. The market for this product is immense.

Agents need to be well presented self-starters with good presentation skills and the ability to reach decision makers and close.

We’ll train up Agents in the technical knowledge required and you’ll have the backing of our expert Head Office staff.

We are offering a commission of 15% on all sales plus 10% on replacement filters that will need to be ordered every 6 months by the customer. This product is generally ordered in multiple units resulting in significant invoice value and resultant commissions. The recurring income generated by replacement filters is a great bonus!

Interested Agents can submit their application through the APPLY button or by forwarding their contact details via email to and we’ll contact you to discuss.

  Agents Wanted