Help Business Re-open with our IR Thermal Cameras and UV Sanitisers

Sales Agents Wanted

FevCam thermal cameras can be configured to aid high level screening by detecting elevated skin-surface temperatures, and are suitable for use in rapid preliminary fever screening in office buildings, factories, railway stations, airports and other public places.

Our UV sanitisers provide germicidal UV light that efficiently inactivates both drug-sensitive and multi-drug-resistant bacteria, as well as differing strains of viruses. Our UV sanitisers are more effective than chemical sanitisers with no smell or residue. Check out our full range at

Our products are ideal for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, schools, colleges, warehouses, offices and care homes. The products also present an Opportunity to partner with security businesses, cleaning companies and builders' merchants.

We are looking for Commission Only Sales Agents across the UK and we can offer exclusive geographical areas to suitable Agents.

Agents need to be technology aware and with an established client network or existing channels to market. Agents should be presentable and professional with sound experience in sales and able to engage a rapid close. The products are well priced for this exciting new market.

We are offering a commission of 10% of the invoiced value on all new and repeat business. There is no ceiling to the commission that can be earned and we are constantly developing new products to bring to the market.

Agents can submit their interest through the APPLY button or forward contact details and experience to Andrew Morris via email and we’ll be in touch directly.

Commission Only Sales Agents