B2B Sales Agents or TeleSales and Digital Marketing Skills? – Build a Great Passive Income!

Movylo is a web-based app that helps small businesses find new customers as well as engaging with current customers and all with the target of gaining more sales.

Click onto  and  to see an interactive presentation of this exciting product that is designed with small businesses in mind. Presentations that you can use to convince business owners that Movylo gets results!

Movylo is available on two levels – the first level is available to businesses who want to develop its potential through their own staff with a second level where they entrust the operation to Movylo’s experienced consultants.

The service is charged as a monthly subscription service priced at £149 for the self-managed application or £299 when our consultants develop the outreach with you. We have an initial three-month incentive pricing to aid take-up.

The commission structure is based on a 50% commission in year 1 and 25% in year 2 and subsequent years. Sales Agents can build an excellent monthly income as they build their client base of users. A client base of 50 users after a year returns – well, you do the maths!

For those with TeleSales and Digital Marketing skills who don’t want to engage with the full sales cycle we are offering a referral program that also offers great residual payments.

Through your marketing activities you can pose the question “Are you interested in exploring a service that helps you promote your business online and boosts sales?”  You then book a no obligation appointment getting a Movylo consultant to call the prospect.

A member of our consultant team demonstrates the benefits and closes the sale.

Referrers will earn £50 per month per sale for the first year of the subscription accruing £600.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can apply by clicking on the APPLY button leaving your contact details and some notes on how you can contribute to the promotion of Movylo.