Commission of 24% and £100K Potential Selling Business Comms

CCP is a proven web-based program that provides unified voice and data business services to all types and sizes of business anywhere in the world. We have gained an enviable reputation with businesses such as Marks & Spencer, Iron Mountain and Hyster Yale employing our systems.

Cost effective and with a great range of facilities the systems and products are well proven in terms of security and reliability, easy to use and limitless in scope and capacity. CCP was launched in 2010 and has enjoyed continuous development to its current stage of sophistication, scope and refinement.

Our systems are equally at home in the medium and small business sector and fit perfectly into the auto industry, legal and finance sectors as well as marketing and sales. The scope for Agents in terms of sales and the resultant income is huge!

The trading Company is CCP Business Services Ltd which is seeking qualified Agents across the UK and Ireland. The Sales Agents appointed should have an existing contact base of potential customers and the skills to drive business forward pro-actively seeking new business. In addition we are building an expanding team of tele-agents who will be focused on providing qualified leads and appointments to Agents who have the ability to convert leads into orders. We want our Sales Agents to be in front of customers closing deals and earning GREAT commission.

As you would expect we have a highly skilled support setup to ensure that every system delivers the benefits to our customers. Full and free product training is provided to all Agents with ongoing telephone support 24/7 thereafter.

As CCP is suitable for use in every type and size of business the opportunities are limitless. There are no restrictions on Agents and they are free to pursue every opportunity through leads passed from our telesales or leads that they generate from their own campaigns. Agents are free to enlist their own sub-agents to develop their reach and earnings.

We also have an extensive range of complimentary products - only available through the CCP Network - to add to Agents’ portfolio. See our website for additional details.

Sales Agents have a choice in how much they want to be involved in the service and its support and this is reflected in the commission structure which is simple and completely transparent.

An Agent who closes a deal and manages the relationship and process earns a commission of 24% of the sale revenue.

Closing the deal and managing the client relationship with CCP handling all the processes earns a commission of 20% of gross profit. We also have other commission plans that fit between these two options. Earnings of £100K plus per annum are easily achievable.

Motivated and active Sales Agents who believe they can fit our profile should forward their contact details and an outline of their current activity to and we’ll be in touch to discuss this exciting opportunity.