Advertise for Sales Agents Here!

Using Commission-Only Sales Agents is a great low cost, reduced risk model for Principals and Companies to expand their sales reach and gain revenue.

SalesAgentsPlus is committed to assisting Principals operating this sales model by providing a recruitment platform targeted exclusively at this sector. We are the fastest growing provider in this expanding UK sector.

What do we offer?

  • Display on our online platform with no restrictions on size or colours, video can be included.
  • Six mailshots to our agents contact database – these are programmed to go out at four week intervals but we can set up to suit your campaign.
  • Inclusion in our social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter and through LinkedIn.
  • Free advert creation from your brief.
  • Free updates to advert copy throughout the subscription period.

A six month display subscription is only £189 plus VAT – absolutely no additional fees - unbeatable!

We do not engage in any of the negotiations between agents and companies, agents contact you directly.

Currently we have just over 6800 agent contacts and our site receives over 3400 unique hits per month, both figures are rising month on month. LinkedIn connections are in excess of 4400.

Placing an advert is very simple - just click here then fill in the simple form and we'll do the rest.

If there is anything else we can assist with just drop us an email – happy to help.