20% Commission Selling Luxury Pianos

Worldwide Sales Agents Wanted

Tesoro Nero is a luxury grand piano designer and builder. We create pianos like you have never seen before and we supply them to high net worth individuals throughout the world. We have our aspirations set on becoming the most luxurious piano builder in the world. You can view and listen to our incredible pianos at

We are seeking Agents worldwide and particularly in the UK, USA, Europe and the Middle East,

Dealing with discerning clients who demand the very best, Agents will require the personal skills needed to interact at the highest level. Sales Agents will need to be very proactive in finding and nurturing leads. They will be willing to learn about our pianos in depth and the build process and materials involved. Most of all they will be able to build professional and courteous relationships with customers and potential leads.

If you are currently selling into this high end sector of the market this is a unique opportunity to introduce an extraordinary product to your clients with commensurate returns for the Agent.

In terms of commission we are offering 20% commission for any sale that has a value of over one million pounds. We offer 10% for any sale below one million pounds. Our most expensive piano is a 24k gold designer piano at a price of £2.5m, if this was to be sold by you then your commission would be £400,000.

If you believe you have the attributes we are seeking please submit your details via the APPLY button or email Craig Manchester with your contact details and we can organise an initial phone conversation.

Commission Only Sales Agent          Agents Required in UK