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Sales Training Courses - Agents Required

Sigma6works provide a unique training service to companies in subjects such as Sales, Negotiation, Management, Communication, Leadership and Problem Solving using Lean 6 Sigma.

All our training is very participative and bespoke to the individual client. We work with our clients to set up business goals that the training needs to achieve; and we assist companies monitor the results to prove the training's success and continual improvement.

Sigma6works are one of the few training organisations - perhaps the only one - that stands up to be counted in the success of our training. Central to our delivery is a results goal set by the client whereby companies can measure our success. We deliver on our targets!

In pursuing our goal of delivering measurable results we use Lean Six Sigma techniques as a training method - the only company to use this methodology in the training environment.

In order to expand our client base we are seeking Sales Agents in the South West, South East, Midlands and Central UK areas who have experience working with Directors and Managers and HR departments and can operate on a consultative selling basis and selling a service. Our training can be used in all markets and by all company types, there is a a huge potential.

The primary role of the Agent is to gain leads that we can then target our services at and a lead that results in a confirmed training project will gain a commission fee of £150.

To discuss this exciting new development in detail please email your contact details to Chris Bartlett at chris@sigma6works.com and we’ll be in touch directly.