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Great Portfolio Addition Working With Your Current Agencies

Do you have customers who need to move parcels, pallets, containers or documents from A to B?

If the answer is YES, then InXpress could offer a major boost to your income stream.

Due to being part of a global franchise within the logistics industry we have the buying power to be able to offer the most competitive rates to our clients whether they ship a couple of times per week or hundreds of times per day! 

We are partners with the biggest operators in the industry such as DHL, TNT, UPS and offer great rates as part of our comprehensive and professional service to all our clients.

Click here to take a look at what we and how we do it.

If you already have customers within your portfolio, like those described, InXpress will be a great addition to your earnings.

Agents must be Self Motivated and have a keen eye for an opportunity and who can dig a little deeper and ask questions.

The target market is customers who need to ship regularly - repeat shipping will potentially be the best commission earner.

Ideal sectors are SME's who may not be receiving any kind of discounts on their transport due to their lack of volume. All products need to be collected and delivered at some point!

Agents can concentrate on selling the services of the best international carriers in the world, with customer service at a local level. InXpress - Liverpool will provide all back office support to the customer on how to use the shipping portal and will be the contact for all queries and ‘spot rates’  Check out our experienced team here.

Our requirements are for Agents throughout the UK but in particular in the Northwest centred on our Liverpool office.

We’re offering a great commission structure with 30% of the margin on the first months invoiced shipments, 20% of the margin for the next 3 months and 15% of the margin thereafter. Our customers are amazingly loyal and this will provide substantial ongoing and residual income with prompt commission payments paid within 7 days of customers’ payment of invoice.

If you think you have the contacts and qualities to help us expand a great business then please contact Debbie at debbie.simpkins@inxpress.com or call on 0151 924 3007.

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