Frequently Asked Questions

Agent FAQs

What are the benefits to Agents?

Dynamic Sales Agents are on a constant search for new product lines either to replace declining lines or to complement their existing portfolio and to add to their earning capacity.

At Sales Agents Plus we provide email alerts specifically tailored to your requirements for location and market sector.

What should I put in my reply to an Advert?

What Principals are looking for are market knowledge and contacts - so critical items are experience in a particular sector and your contacts that you’ve built up over the years. The area you cover is also important but don’t restrict yourself too much as Principals can often be flexible in terms of area allocation. If you have a web presence or social media contact include this as it can showcase your Agency to a prospective Principal.

Finally detail how Principals should contact you and when – often better to have a relaxed evening call rather than a hurried conversation while you’re trying to land a new customer!


Principal FAQs

What are the benefits to Principals?

To date recruiting Sales Agents has been expensive, especially when compared against the now almost universal on-line route. We’re changing that! Our charges will dramatically undercut current offerings but with a pro-active team we aim to stir the market for linking Sales Agents and Principals into unprecedented activity.

But that isn’t the only benefit we offer – we are working on a range of activities to enhance the recruitment of Sales Agents, watch out for future announcements by signing up for our newsletter just go to our Principals sign up page and we’ll keep you informed.

What should I put in my Advert?

Our forms are designed to make it easy to create great adverts that attract go-ahead Agents. What we need are details of the product and the areas you want Agents to cover. If you have a web presence our team can transfer images and graphics to give the maximum impact.  We’ve divided the country into a number of areas but don’t be too restrictive – getting the best Agents is the most important factor in your mutual success. Details of a payments package and potential earnings are always great items to include. 

Finally detail how agents should contact you and when – giving the option of an “out of hours” discussion is always appreciated by busy Agents!

Our team have great experience writing copy so concentrate on what you have to offer and we’ll do the rest.

How much does it cost to place an Advert?

The cost to advertise is £149 plus VAT for a six month display and we include six emailing promotions to our Sales Agent contacts as well as listing on our LinkedIn pages, Facebook and Twitter feed. Payment is through PayPal and we keep no details of your payment card.

How long should I display an Advert?

Company Principals all tell us the same thing -  getting Sales Agents is not easy!

From our many discussions with Company Principals what they want to do is have a campaign over an extended period of time. "One-off" classifieds adverts just don't work. Salesagentsplus is designed and priced to allow you to have a sustained recruitment campaign that is affordable. With a simple flat cost and no long term commitment it is in your hands.