The economic landscape over the last year has made pretty grim viewing but there is now hope of a gradual easing of restrictions and the Bank of England has described the pent-up demand in the economy as “a coiled spring”.

Businesses are now planning to move forward again and the economic forecasts are predicting significant growth later this year and into 2022. For many companies, however, the last 12 months have seen very tight finances and mobilising the resources to build an effective sales force is proving difficult.

One solution is to use Sales Agents whereby you only pay once a sale is made – something that allows you to take on the work force you need without being overly constrained by your budget.

A Sales Agent is self-employed and will help sell your product on a commission only basis. Not only can they work in your existing markets but they can also facilitate expansion into other arenas where your product might sell.

The Benefits of Choosing a Sales Agent

  • It’s a cost-effective and flexible way of reaching a wide range of sales channels.
  • A sales agent will be able to work with your existing market but also bring their own network to the mix.
  • Rather than relying on an in-house sales staff you can employ someone who has experience of new markets.
  • Sales agents will often have a wider range of experience and will be able to suggest new approaches from your normal sales strategy.

Starting a Business

The improvement in the economy has led to more confidence in starting up a business for many would be entrepreneurs. One of the things that might hinder you if just starting out is the cost of employing a sales force to take your products out into the world. Employing a sales agent solves this problem and they can add good advice on the right markets to approach that can add to your developing business plan.

Breaking into the UK Market

For many overseas businesses hoping to take advantage of our economic upturn, employing a sales agent is often the more prudent method for increasing sales and developing momentum in new markets without the risky burden of set up costs.

Making inroads into a new geographical market like the UK can be an expensive and time consuming process. Finding a sales agent who lives and works here can not only save you the cost of opening an office in the first place, they will also know the market intimately and can help develop the right strategy for selling your product.

Finding the Right Sales Agent

Getting a Sales Agent to work on a commission basis is one thing but finding one that will enhance your brand profile and, more importantly, increase sales, is another matter. Finding the right sales agent involves a lot of work and thought and getting it right can have an enormous impact on your company.

  • Experience and network count for a lot.
  • Building a solid relationship with your sales agent is vital. It’s not just a question of winding them up and letting them go.
  • Trust is vital if someone is going out there to represent your company, particularly if you are exploring markets abroad.
  • Track records are fine but they need to be checked.

With their huge reach, online sites can put you in contact with the right people and are a great way to engage in an ongoing recruitment campaign giving your product offering wider exposure.

There’s no doubt that an effective sales agent can make a big difference for companies and burgeoning businesses trying to make the most of the favourable shift in the economy.

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