At Sales Agents Plus the aim is simple – to be the lowest cost route for Companies and Sales Agents to get together and make great returns for everyone.

Using Sales Agents is a great way for companies to expand while minimising risk and with known sales costs per sale.

Sales Agents have control of their working environment and can build a business with the resultant rewards.

So where does SalesAgentsPlus fit in this process ……

Recruiting Sales Agents is not easy – demand far outstrips the supply and at the same time more and more companies are looking to Sales Agents as a route to expanding sales.

To get agents on-board Company Principals need low cost affordable recruitment and ongoing exposure.

Sales Agents are looking for exciting new products and services to offer their customers – after all that is how they can capitalise on their greatest asset – their contacts.

Sales Agents Plus is designed to meet these needs.

With our leading edge online platform we offer Company Principals the ability to undertake sustained recruitment campaigns and maximise their budget.

We’ve made it easy to place an advert and we’ll even design your advert at no additional cost! We notify Agents of the opportunities through alerts and our ground breaking social media presence is constantly highlighting opportunities.

If you’re a Sales Agent or have solid sales experience and are looking to further your earnings potential, then sign up now for our newsletter and opportunity alerts.

If you’re new to recruiting Sales Agents have a look at our blog and FAQs for some hints and tips or if you have a specific question drop us an email at and we’ll be delighted to help.